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Why User Experience Should Always Be On Top of Your Website Design's List

Different companies aim for different things when it comes to their website’s design. Some go for aesthetics over functionality, and others go the other way, with functionality..

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Information Architecture: Structuring Online Content for Great User Experience

If you are doing online work and content marketing, you should be aware that having a site structured to meet the needs and demands of users is crucial. You need to ensure that..

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Dispelling Popular User Experience Myths

When defined, the term User Experience (or UX for short) means meeting the needs of the customer or user by way of features that are simple, easy to use, and enjoyable. While..

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User Experience Should Drive Your Website's Design Ideas

As a consumer, when you visit a website, what do you usually expect? What makes you continue using a website and what drives you away from these as well? There are many reasons..

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Why Information Architecture is Essential to Good User Experience

If you have heard of the term “information architecture”, you might have wondered what it is for and what it meant. In a nutshell, this term generally means the structural design..

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