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Understanding Responsive Website Design and What It Can Do For Your Business

Not that many people understand what responsive website design really is. In fact some people believe that this term means just how quickly a website can respond to the clicks and..

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Best Practices for Creating Mobile Landing Pages

The importance of optimizing online marketig tools like mobile landing pages cannot be overstated. With mobile beginning to dominate desktop as the primary platform of choice..

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How to Optimize Your Website for Local Search

Imagine that you’re into the production of agricultural products that are organic and locally produced. You decide to have a website, but after months of being online, you notice..

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5 Characteristics Websites Should Have to Provide a Positive User Experience

With the sheer number of brands, products, and services competing for consumer attention online nowadays, marketers and entrepreneurs can’t afford to undervalue the importance of..

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Why You Should Be Excited about HTML5

HTML has grown leaps and bounds in the way that it serves content across the Web. HTML5 is the latest iteration in the platform and adds a host of features that bring a lot..

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Why You Should Make Your Site Mobile-Friendly from the Start

Last February, Google announced their plans to reward sites that gear themselves towards the growing mobile audience.  A new addition to their search-ranking algorithms included..

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