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Kristopher Crockett May 13, 2015 8:00:00 PM 2 min read

Why You Should Be Excited about HTML5

HTML has grown leaps and bounds in the way that it serves content across the Web. HTML5 is the latest iteration in the platform and adds a host of features that bring a lot of diversity and features to the playing field. Things like semantic markup, expanded audio and video support, and more streamlined coding are just some of the new functionalities that it has.

The amount of value that HTML5 has in terms of providing content to the user is simply staggering. If this still isn’t enough to convince you, here are a few more features that will surely amaze you.

Greatly Expands Browser Functionality

For many years Adobe Flash and Microsoft Silverlight has been in the forefront of web design when it came to giving your sites expanded functionality. External plugins such as these gave sites a lot of added value in terms of the visuals and the dynamic functions that they were able to deliver. However, the same type of dynamic functions is now possible with HTML5. Audio and video support no longer needs third party plugins that may have compatibility issues. Even advanced web functions like geolocation and application storage are now possible with newer JavaScript API, all of which are possible through HTML5. Developers especially appreciate this since they can all work off a uniform platform that can do all of these neat features.

Compatibility across Platforms and Browsers

Compatibility across different browsers is an inconvenience many of us face from time to time. Just imagine if there was a standardized platform that will uniformly display all your sites and plugins in the exact same way. Well, look no further because HTML5 is slowly becoming that new standard we've been looking for. Many developers want to use HTML5 because of its exciting new features – all of which will work regardless of whatever browser you use.

Mobile Friendly

With the number of mobile users growing year after year, it’s no wonder that many sites are doing everything that they can to adjust to this modern mobile landscape. That being said, HTML5 does a great job of supporting mobile devices from both the front end and the back end. Developers and designers can easily create a site using this platform to work perfectly on either a desktop or a smartphone. And as the mobile user base continues to grow, so will the opportunities to do business on the go increase as well.

Improves Site Speed

Another great thing about HTML5 is that the code that it uses is a lot “lighter” compared to others. This can speed up your site’s loading speed significantly as a result. This can become a huge advantage for everyone involved because Google considers site speed as one of the ranking factors for its search algorithms.  And while it may not have as big an impact as other factors, every little bit does help when it comes to streamlining your site and giving your visitors a much smoother browsing experience.

HTML has gone a long way since its inception so many years ago. What once was a simple way of viewing your web content has grown into a vastly dynamic platform for websites everywhere. There are so many reasons to be excited about HTML5, as well as realm of possibilities that it brings.