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Kristopher Crockett Apr 18, 2016 8:00:00 PM 2 min read

Do You Need a Mobile App or a Mobile Friendly Website?

If you are to look at mobile websites these days, a few of them encourage you to download their mobile app. Those who are not that familiar with the difference between these two may wonder why they would need to have an app on their phone when they can easily visit the mobile friendly site instead. To help you understand why some companies say that using their app is better than visiting their mobile site, let us first define these two.

A mobile friendly website is a site that is easy to use on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. It is similar to whatever website you view on your computer but with the pages adjusting to the small size and configuration of your smartphone or tablet. These sites are also called responsive websites.

A mobile app, on the other hand, is an application that you need to download from an app store for your phone. This can be utilized by companies who want people’s phones to have content about them that need not be accessed with the use of an internet connection. This data can be downloaded one time and accessed anytime even without any connectivity.

When Should You Choose an App or a Mobile Friendly Site?

A lot of companies actually have both – an app and a responsive website. There are times however when you need to figure out when it is appropriate for your company to have only one or both. If you are torn between which one to choose when faced with going only for one, your best option would be a mobile friendly site. This is because of a number of reasons such as compatibility, upgradability, and immediate usage. These sites are also easy to find, can be easily shared with others, and cannot be deleted since these are not downloaded to your device.

There are times however when an app is more appropriate for your company, although it is strongly advised that you have both an app and a mobile website if you do decide to have an app. When you want people to easily purchase things from you, an app is a good addition to your accessibility options. If your clients need to personalize stuff constantly and are using what you have to offer regularly, an app is also a good idea. An app is also a great idea if you want your customers to easily access your site, services, and products without having to go through a browser.

In the end, it is all about what is best for your company and for your customers. If an app is not required, then there is no need for it. If it is however deemed a necessity for your business, then investing in the development of one should be greatly considered. You will find that the benefits of having one for your company will help you increase revenues, and create loyal customers who want convenience for their every need to be met. If an app that makes accessing what you offer easier and quicker is what it takes to make them feel that they are getting what they want from you with convenience, then having both a mobile app and a responsive site is a good idea.