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Kristopher CrockettAugust 20153 min read

Why Companies Big and Small Choose to Use WordPress as Their Site CMS

You might not be aware of this, but many of the top sites you visit are actually on WordPress. Notable names in various industries (CNN, Forbes, etc.) are using WP as their CMS, and this is because of numerous reasons. In fact, there are approximately 75 million sites that are running on WordPress, and these include not only blogs but sites for companies both big and small.

Why do such a huge number of entities rely so much on WP and why is it their CMS of choice? What makes WordPress such a great tool when it comes to creating and maintaining websites? Here are some interesting reasons which may just convince you to choose WP for your website as well:

You Can Use it for Free – okay, so maybe big companies do not need a free platform, but hey, WordPress is free for anyone to use. This means that companies big and small, and even individuals who simply want to share their thought and ideas online, can create a page (or pages) without having to worry about costs.

It’s Easy to Use – even people who are not that well-versed when it comes to creating websites and webpages can easily craft professional-looking pages using WordPress. This is because it is straightforward and can be learned in a matter of minutes. Also, any of the basic add-ons that other CMS’s require people to search for or need to configure, are already there for you at the onset.

It’s Ready for Mobile – since more and more people are searching for companies and their websites with the use of mobile devices, it is important that a site be mobile-friendly from the very start. The good thing about WordPress is you do not need to have a tough time with such a feature since there are loads of themes that make this possible.

Website Management and Maintenance is Easy – aside from being easy to use, WordPress is also easy to manage and update. New versions of your themes and plug-ins are available? WP lets you know through notifications so you can click a button to update. No need to tweak codes or to adjust anything manually since these updates run automatically as soon as you enable it.

It’s SEO ready – you’ve heard of the need for a site to be search engine friendly for it to rank properly. This is one of the things that WordPress is good at, being ready for search engine optimization and doing so without too much fuss or need for technical knowledge. The URL structure of each page, the ease in which you can add fresh content, and the speed you have for publication are just a few of the things that make such a platform great for SEO.

Collaboration Made Easy – when you need to have more than just one person write for your site, and you need to have each one publish what they write using their own names, you can do this with WordPress. All you need to do to add people to the list of collaborators on your WP site is to have them create their own WordPress account, and to invite them via your dashboard. Even without a WP account, a person can collaborate on your site and all you need to do is to use their email address when you invite them. You can then set the access level of each person according to what limits you want to set for each.

You Can Schedule Posts in Advance – if you feel that you will be busy in the next few weeks but do not want to miss out on posting regularly, you can actually schedule when your posts will be published on your site, even when you don’t access it. Simply create your posts ahead of time, then schedule when each one will become live on your website. This will enable you to schedule downtimes for yourself without your website having the same downtimes in terms of new posts for your site visitors.

These are just a few of the reasons why so many companies have chosen WordPress for their website’s needs. There are actually quite a few more reasons like hosting flexibility, constant improvements being made, and loads of support, among others. Now you can see why 75 million sites use WP, and why you should too.


Kristopher Crockett

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