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Kristopher CrockettFebruary 20162 min read

The Many Different Ways Pay-Per-Click Ads Can Increase Revenue

Some people believe that PPC, or pay-per-click, can only help a site that is directly selling to clients. This misconception may be because of the fact that a lot of the ads that you see on your search engine results page (SERP) are posted by sites that do direct selling. What some individuals may not be aware of is that pay-per-click is actually more than just an ad that helps direct sellers. This can be used to promote a number of things on your site, which may also help you increase your revenue.

A lot of PPC ads do redirect clickers to websites that entice them to buy the stuff that can be found on these sites. If you are an e-commerce site, you will definitely benefit from having a PPC campaign running alongside your other marketing strategies. If you are a site that does not sell directly via their website however, and offers clients information on what is being offered there, with contact sheets and numbers that people can use to find out more, you can also use PPC to your advantage.

What we are getting at is that, no matter what kind of a site you are, as long as your goal is to increase traffic and revenues, then a PPC campaign is something you can benefit from. Here are some of the ways that a pay-per-click ad helps sites increase their returns:

Create ads that redirect to information people need – a lot of buyers want to find out more about the items they are looking for. This is particularly true when a product is pricey and will require a bit of scrutiny before any purchase is made. Examples of such products include vehicles, real estate, and equipment. When people go online to find these items, they usually try to locate sites that can give them more information on these so that they can learn more before they do buy. A site that offers a visitor the valuable information that they need regarding these particular products often end up trusting and buying from the companies that provide them with the facts they need.

Create ads that offer exclusive discounts to those who click through – some sites use these ads to entice people to buy from them by offering a discount that can only be had when they use the ad to bring them to the site. Coupons and codes are given to those who are redirected to a landing page made specifically for those who click these ads, and these codes or coupons are what they can use to get the discounts that the company is promising them with their purchase. This also entices people to buy even when they previously had no intention of buying yet due to the savings that they will get from such a tactic.

Create ads that offer freebies when they click through – of course, the free stuff you offer need not be items that are expensive or have a resale value. The term “free” can easily encourage people to visit your site via your ad, but these need not be about physical stuff. The free items you give out can be e-books, white papers, trial memberships, and other similar added value items. You can also get people to purchase more from you when you offer free shipping for specific purchase amounts, free upgrades or accessories for opting in.


Kristopher Crockett

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