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Kristopher Crockett 2 min read

Creating Synergy Between Content Marketing and PR

Having amazing content on your site is something that you should always strive for. Creating amazing content that can be syndicated and shared all over the internet is essentially what a content marketing strategy is all about. Having such wonderful e-books, infographics and blogs should not be the only thing you do for your content marketing campaigns. You should also integrate a PR strategy into your overall site promotions, which can help increase traffic, increase conversions, and generate qualified leads. This means that both your content and your PR work should work hand-in-hand to help you achieve the goals you have set for your site and your company.

So, how does content marketing and public relations work together? Consider this. Content provides people with the ideas, and information that you want to share with them, while PR is what you do after people react to the content that you give them. PR is also a tool that can be used to get people to notice your content, which in turn will require more PR when people start reacting to what you shared with them. You may also need to create new content to give people what they want when they react to your posts with requests for specific information as well as questions that require answers.

If you really think about it, these two create a circle that not only provides people with the kind of content you can give them, but also gives them and you a way to connect. You open the door of communication by giving them something to think about with what you are sharing via your site and your posts. In turn, they give you their thoughts through their reactions and questions via your comments section and through inquiries. This circle allows you to not only give out information to whoever needs it, but also helps you create relationships with your clientele.

What happens when you succeed in creating this loop between content and PR? You end up with a customer base that is confident that you can give them what they want and that will trust you with their business. You also establish yourself as a subject matter expert when it comes to what you are offering and what they need from you. This will help you increase a number of things and this includes your traffic, qualified leads, loyal customers, and reputation.

In order for you to create this loop, you need to properly plan out your strategy to include both content creation and PR. You also need to integrate your social media marketing into these plans in order to give people a way to reach out to you, if you do not allow on-site commenting and feedbacks. You also need to have a pro-active individual or team to handle the required responses on these mediums so that you complete such a circle and so that people know that you do keep an eye out for what they need. This will help to not only further promote your content but also your reputation as a company that can be trusted.