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Kristopher CrockettOctober 20152 min read

Content Strategy and Copywriting: How to Turn a Copywriter Into a Content Strategist

We have already outlined the difference between content strategy and copywriting, now let us find out how you can turn a copywriter into an effective content strategist. While these two are intertwined and serve a similar purpose, a copywriter is not necessarily a content strategist, and vice versa. In order for a copywriter to become someone who can create strategic content for a website, there are a few things that need to be kept in mind.

For a copywriter to become someone who is adept at creating a content strategy, and writing the content for such a strategy at the same time, is to put together a workflow or chart that outlines what needs to be done – from content audit, to content repurposing, to content rewriting, to content planning, and to publishing. Having this particular kind of workflow, and knowing what to do from one point to the next, will help a copywriter streamline the work that needs to be done. This als makes them become more adept at evaluating what has already been written as well as what can be done for a site in terms of content.

Another thing that a copywriter needs to do in order to become a strategic content person, a timeline and content plan needs to be created. Even if they are the only ones who can understand such a plan or such a timeline, it is essential in order to stay on track with what needs to be done. This should start with the content audit and what existing content needs to be rehashed, rewritten, and dumped. Those that are to be dumped should then be replaced with new content. Apart from existing content, new content needs to be outlined as well, and your copywriter will have to think of new ideas that are in line with what your sites goals are.

When a content plan is outlined, a calendar has to be put together for implementation. This calendar is something that your copywriter will need to get used to since a content calendar is what they will use and consult with when they have to add more content to a site. This calendar will also need to have ideas for external content and when these need to be implemented. In short, a content plan calendar will be a copywriter’s guide to when writing, posting, and promoting needs to be done.

One thing you need to stress when you teach your copywriter to become a content strategist (or when you are thinking of taking on both these roles yourself), is that in order for the content to be effective and useful to your site, the content written should not be focused on what the strategy is made for. This will make your content disinteresting and unappealing to writers. The reason for creating the content plan and strategy is merely to help set your writer (or yourself) down a path where the content is properly planned and executed. Writing the content should be a creative endeavor, even though you do need to use a few SEO tricks to make the copy optimized for search. But that is another topic altogether, and something we will pursue some other post in the future.


Kristopher Crockett

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