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See how Selworthy helped Athlete Training and Health Grow
SelworthyJuly 20232 min read

Transforming Athlete Training and Health Through Strategic Marketing and Automation


Athlete Training and Health (ATH) is a premier organization devoted to bolstering athletic performance through a fusion of technology, science, and sports medicine. Despite its standing, ATH confronted considerable operational challenges in managing its multi-location operations, tracking new customers, and effectively utilizing its existing CRM platform.

Selworthy was brought on board as a strategic partner to streamline ATH's business operations. Utilizing our proficiency in HubSpot onboarding and automation, we reshaped ATH's operational framework, focusing on efficient customer management and advanced automation to revitalize their marketing and sales strategies.


ATH's primary hurdles revolved around an inefficient CRM system that did not properly integrate HubSpot and Mindbody, leading to ineffective automations and problematic lead assignments. The team found it challenging to manage incoming leads across their various locations and struggled to track the buyer's journey effectively. Inefficient use of HubSpot’s features, outdated landing pages, and underperforming email campaigns were limiting ATH's potential customer reach and engagement. The task at hand was clear: ATH needed a proficient guide to increase customer retention, streamline their sales processes, and offer an all-encompassing solution for their operational challenges.


Selworthy implemented pivotal changes to ATH’s operations, marketing, and sales efforts. We integrated CRMConnect for efficient data exchange between HubSpot and Mindbody. This initiative greatly improved automation, follow-ups, deal creation, and new customer tracking.

We also developed various KPI-focused reports and dashboards, providing a bird's eye view of the results generated at each location. Automation was extensively employed to manage multiple locations’ incoming leads, lifecycle stage updates, and to diagnose and correct email send issues.

Selworthy updated ATH's landing pages and blog templates within HubSpot, restoring key functionality and parity with their current website, which could lead to an increase in traffic and lead conversions.

In addition, we introduced a robust sales pipeline to manage incoming leads and streamline sales activities based on deal stages, which helped increase sales efficiency.

To enhance customer retention, we implemented automation and surveys for customer service follow-ups.

Finally, we trained ATH's management and sales teams on how to effectively utilize all of HubSpot's features, leading to better campaign management and increased team productivity.


ATH's journey with Selworthy stands as a testament to how a customized approach can overhaul business operations, enhance sales efficiency, and boost customer retention. The successful integration of HubSpot and Mindbody through CRMConnect and the execution of various automations and sales pipelines have equipped ATH to scale operations across its various locations.

The refined operational framework provided by Selworthy, leveraging the power of HubSpot onboarding and automation, has set ATH on the path to success. We aided them in realizing their operational objectives, all the while upholding their high customer service standards. The unique challenges ATH faced were transformed into avenues for advancement, establishing a benchmark for businesses in similar sectors.



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