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See How Selworthy Helped Kolbi Pipe Marker Co. Grow
SelworthyApril 20232 min read

How Selworthy Transformed Kolbi Pipe Marker Co.

In the competitive world of business, having a strong online presence and effective marketing strategies is key to driving growth. Kolbi Pipe Marker Co., a top manufacturer of pipe markers, recognized this and partnered with Selworthy to revolutionize their digital marketing and sales strategies. In this blog post, we'll delve into the extraordinary results achieved within just one year of collaboration and the impact it had on Kolbi Pipe Marker Co.'s success.

The Challenge

Kolbi Pipe Marker Co. aimed to enhance its online presence, boost sales, and elevate customer satisfaction. To accomplish these goals, they required a partner with expertise in digital marketing and sales optimization.

The Selworthy Solution

Selworthy employed a comprehensive approach, addressing various aspects of Kolbi Pipe Marker Co.'s online presence and sales strategies. Here's a breakdown of the key achievements:

  1. Boosted Online Presence: Selworthy's efforts led to a 339% increase in website sessions, resulting in higher visibility and an influx of potential customers.
  2. Increased Sales and Customer Engagement: Selworthy's strategies contributed to a 718% increase in Shopify store sessions and a whopping 1429% increase in sales. The average order value reached $260.31, exceeding the target by 67%.
  3. Streamlined Sales Process: With Selworthy's assistance, sales processed consistently surpassed the target by 19% month over month, demonstrating a more efficient sales strategy.
  4. Improved PPC Results: Google Ads' average cost per click (CPC) decreased from $5.42 (Jan 2021) to $3.51. This reduction in advertising costs generated $171.91K in revenue at a cost of $32.684K. The return on investment (ROI) rose to an impressive 61%, compared to the previous year's 23%.
  5. Successful Email Marketing: HubSpot email marketing campaigns generated an astounding $2,122,099.41 in influenced revenue, showcasing the effectiveness of well-executed marketing campaigns.
  6. Reduced Bounce Rate: The website's bounce rate dropped from 7% to approximately 1% or less, indicating higher user engagement and a more effective website experience.
  7. Enhanced CRM and Marketing Efforts: Selworthy helped refine Kolbi Pipe Marker Co.'s CRM and marketing strategies, ultimately leading to increased customer satisfaction. Customer surveys revealed a 90% positive Net Promoter Score (NPS), demonstrating high customer loyalty.
  8. Increased Google My Business Reviews: Selworthy's partnership resulted in a 100% increase in Google My Business Reviews, an impressive feat considering the company had none prior to the collaboration.

Client Testimonial

Ryan Seitz at Kolbi Pipe Marker Co. had this to say about their collaboration with Selworthy: "Working with Dane and Kris these past 2+ years has been a great experience and they have been instrumental in increasing both our online outreach and sales. They have also helped refine our CRM and marketing efforts. Exceptional people with the knowledge to back it up as well!"


The partnership between Kolbi Pipe Marker Co. and Selworthy led to outstanding results within a short time frame. By leveraging tailored marketing strategies, optimizing sales processes, and focusing on customer satisfaction, Kolbi Pipe Marker Co. achieved significant growth in online presence, sales, and customer engagement. This success story highlights the transformative power of a strategic partnership for businesses in the manufacturing industry.


As a premier marketing agency, Selworthy excels in creating bespoke branding, compelling websites, and powerful digital marketing strategies. Their dedication to client success and mastery of industry trends empowers businesses to connect with their audience, fuel growth, and optimize ROI.