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Athlete Training and Health Worked with Selworthy to Improve their Google Ads campaigns and generate a positive ROI
SelworthyMarch 20245 min read

Ad Spend Efficiency: Driving Down Costs While Boosting ATH's Conversions

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Challenges
  3. Solutions
  4. Results
  5. Conclusion
  6. Future Outlook



Athlete Training and Health (ATH) is a premier provider of performance training services, catering to a diverse clientele including youth, adult, and professional athletes. ATH is dedicated to optimizing sports performance and overall health through scientifically-backed training programs delivered in state-of-the-art facilities. Their services are enhanced by collaborative relationships with healthcare systems, ensuring a comprehensive approach to athlete care and performance enhancement​


  • Unoptimized Advertising: The previous ad management agency employed by Athlete Training and Health was not aligning their strategies with the organization's unique needs. Ads were incorrectly set up with conversion tracking suited for e-commerce platforms, which was not appropriate for ATH’s service-based business model.

  • Poor Audience Targeting: The advertising strategies failed to differentiate between the distinct needs and interests of their two primary target groups: adults seeking fitness solutions and children involved in athletic programs. This one-size-fits-all approach led to inefficient ad spend and lower engagement rates.

  • Inadequate Location Targeting: Each ATH location offers tailored programs and facilities, yet the ads were not optimized to reflect the specific services and benefits of each location, missing the opportunity to connect with local communities effectively.

  • Lack of Call Tracking: Essential for service-oriented businesses, incoming call tracking was overlooked, resulting in a significant gap in measuring the full impact and success of advertising efforts. This oversight meant that ATH was unable to capture a complete picture of how well their ads were generating real-world leads.

  • Spotty Results Tracking: Overall, the tracking of advertising results was inconsistent and unreliable. This lack of detailed analytics and performance data made it difficult for Athlete Training and Health to evaluate the ROI of their advertising investments and to make informed decisions about future marketing strategies.


To address the digital marketing challenges faced by Athlete Training and Health, Selworthy introduced a series of strategic enhancements designed to optimize ad performance and lead quality. These solutions included:

  • Refined Conversion Tracking: Selworthy overhauled the conversion tracking setup to ensure that all advertising conversions were accurately monitored and attributed. This involved configuring the right Google Ad groups and setting up appropriate conversion tracking mechanisms to reflect ATH’s service-based business accurately.

  • Integration with HubSpot: Google Ads were integrated with HubSpot, allowing for seamless tracking and reporting of conversions. This integration helped in fine-tuning the advertising efforts by reporting back conversion data to Google, which in turn enhanced result accuracy and reduced the incidence of poor-quality leads.

  • Development of Targeted Landing Pages: Selworthy assisted ATH in creating specialized landing pages for various promotional offers. Each landing page was carefully crafted to serve specific locations, ensuring content relevance and higher engagement rates. These pages were continuously optimized to enhance visibility and user interaction, focusing on conversion optimization rather than just traffic generation.

  • Enhanced Call Tracking: The introduction of CallRail integration into both Google Ads and HubSpot was a significant upgrade. This tool enabled ATH to track incoming calls from different marketing channels such as paid social and search ads. This capability was crucial for understanding the effectiveness of voice communication in their marketing mix and refining strategies accordingly.

  • Continuous Optimization: Selworthy’s approach included ongoing optimization of all landing pages and ad campaigns. By constantly refining these elements, Selworthy ensured that Athlete Training and Health's digital assets were always aligned with best practices and industry standards, maximizing the potential for high conversion rates.

Athlete Training and Health Google Ads Results

Our focused approach has delivered impressive results across various platforms, Here’s an overview of the major achievements:

  • Significant Uptick in Google Ads Conversions: We achieved a substantial increase of 116% in Google Ads conversions. This surge is a testament to our refined ad targeting and optimization strategies that precisely cater to the intended audiences.

  • Decrease in Google Ads CPA: The cost per acquisition (CPA) for Google Ads has been reduced by 13%, indicating a more efficient allocation and use of the advertising budget. This efficiency helps in stretching the marketing dollar further while achieving better outcomes.

  • Improvement in Overall Conversion Rate: The overall website conversion rate has improved by 19%, reflecting enhanced site engagement and effectiveness in guiding visitors toward completing a conversion action.

  • Explosive Growth in HubSpot (HS) Metrics:

    • Leads: There was a remarkable 320% increase in paid search leads recorded in HubSpot, demonstrating our ability to attract high-quality leads through meticulously crafted search campaigns.
    • Deals: Following the increase in leads, there was a 224% rise in the number of deals generated from these leads, as tracked by HubSpot. This metric highlights our success in converting leads into tangible business opportunities.
    • Customers: The number of new customers acquired through paid search channels, as reported by HubSpot, grew by 220%. This significant customer base expansion is indicative of our effective lead nurturing and conversion practices.

These results underscore the powerful impact of integrating advanced digital marketing techniques with robust tracking and management tools like HubSpot. By continuously refining our strategies and ensuring precise execution, Selworthy is committed to pushing the boundaries of what Athlete Training and Health can achieve in their market. Our goal is to maintain this trajectory of growth and to further enhance the return on investment for our marketing initiatives.


As we reflect on the dynamic and fruitful journey with Athlete Training and Health, our team at Selworthy is not just celebrating past successes but is also actively planning future strategies to further elevate ATH's market presence. The impressive gains in conversion rates, reductions in cost per click, and the significant increase in high-quality leads through our targeted ad management initiatives have laid a solid foundation for continued growth.

Our collaboration has been a testament to the power of integrating advanced ad management strategies with precise analytics and CRM tools like HubSpot. By consistently refining our approach based on real-time data and feedback, we aim to not only sustain but also build on the momentum we've created.

Looking ahead, Selworthy is committed to introducing more innovative solutions and ad optimizations that promise even greater efficiency and effectiveness. We believe in growing together, and every step we take forward is designed to ensure that Athlete Training and Health remains a leader in the competitive landscape of sports performance and health training. Here's to achieving new milestones and exploring new possibilities in digital marketing excellence together.



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