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Kristopher CrockettOctober 20152 min read

Why Your Site's Video Production Should Be Handled by Professionals

Getting people interested in your website these days often means creating new and fresh content regularly. When the word “content” is mentioned, the general impression is always a blog post, or a picture blog, or an article. What website owners may not realize is that content can actually be anything new you add to your site – from infographics, to a cartoon, to a contest, to a video.

When it comes to creating videos for your site’s content, doing things yourself may seem like the cost effective way to go. Cost effective however does not necessarily mean low cost, but rather worth what you spent. So in order for your new video to be considered cost effective, it has to bring in the kind of traffic and revenue that makes the effort and cost worthwhile. If the video you produce on your own looks very amateurish and seems rather uninteresting, then it cannot be that effective in doing its job, which is to encourage people to share it and to attract more traffic because of these shares. This defeats the purpose of your video.

If you want your videos to attract the kind of traffic that finds it useful and shares it, which will get you more traffic, which will also get it shared more, and so on, then you should greatly consider getting professionals to do these for you. Professional video makers not only make amazingly crisp and clear videos for websites, but they also help expand on your initial idea. They also have the kind of equipment that will make your videos look like a Hollywood production, which will not only impress your site visitors, but also make them take your company seriously.

Creating videos that have an impact on your visitors will require more than just videotaping yourself or someone in your company explaining the merits of your products. It involves the creation of a script, the outlining of the storyboard, the creation of the graphics and/or the filming of the video, the addition of sound, and the tweaking of the video in preparation for publication. The creation of the script can be easily done by you, as well as the creation of the storyboard. The rest of the work however will require experienced and skilled individuals who are used to these tasks, and you may need to hire these people if you are doing things yourself.

If you hire a professional to do your video production for you however, the most you will probably need to do is to create the initial script and storyboard outline according to your ideas. The rest of the work will have you consulting on what to include, what not to include, what additional ideas may work, what may not work, and the approval of the finished product. If you are unhappy with the final video, you can even ask your chosen video professional to edit or tweak it according to your suggestions, and you won’t have to sweat over how this can be done since the pros you hired will do all of these for you.


Kristopher Crockett

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