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Kristopher Crockett 2 min read

Keywords and LSI: How These Are Important to Your Site's SEO

If you are into SEO and are constantly trying to keep up with the ever changing scenery of search engine optimization, then you should be somewhat familiar with the terms “keywords” and LSI. For those who are unsure about LSI, this means Latent Semantic Indexing. When you look up the meaning of this acronym, it will tell you that it is a document indexing process that examines not only the keywords used in it, but also related terms that have similarities with the main keyword the document is focusing on.

This process also takes into account other documents within a collection on the site that has similar keywords, which then makes these other documents semantically close with the first document being examined. Another term that you would also come across when it comes to keywords, LSI, and SEO, is LSI keyword. This pertains to keywords that are similar to but not necessarily synonymous with the keywords being used in content that are on a site. Also called related keywords, LSI keywords help make content relevant for specific keyword searches. This makes search engines give you results that they think you will be interested in, even when the keywords used for the search is not directly related to or has the same meaning as the word you typed into the search box.

Simplifying LSI

As confusing as this may seem, it does make sense in some weirdly human-based thinking kind of way. For instance, if you are searching for articles on body-building, some of the LSI keywords you may find being used in such articles may include supplementation, weight loss, vitamins, and trainers. Even when these words do not share the same meaning as body-building, these are oftentimes used in content that talk about body-building. So information on these keywords may pop-up alongside those that talk about body-building in general.

The reason is why articles that talk about supplements, weight loss, vitamins, and trainers may show up on your SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) when you are using a search term that is not exactly synonymous with these is because of LSI. This is why it is important that you use related and LSI keywords in whatever you write for your site. For your articles to show up more frequently even for keywords that you are not targeting, but are related to these, LSI will help.

Semantics, LSI, and LSI Keywords in SEO

How does LSI, your keywords, and semantic indexing work for your site this year? It works just as it did for other sites and your site in the past few years. It helps people discover your content through the use of other keywords that you are not even using as main topics for your content. And this is primarily because of the fact that your article is deemed related to the keyword that a person is using in a search box on a search engine. The relation is gained from your use of these other keywords together with your focus keyword in well-written articles and website content, which these search engines find to be of a good quality.