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Kristopher Crockett 2 min read

What is Branding and How Does Logo Design Factor Into This?

You may have heard of the term “branding” and you may have also found yourself confused as to what role your logo plays in branding. Let us demystify this by starting with a definition for branding. This is essentially a process that is aimed at creating a distinct and unique name for a product or products. The act of branding is targeted at establishing a presence in a specific market and getting that market to choose your products over others similar to it.

What does branding have to do with your logo, and what does your logo have to do with your branding efforts? Why is your logo design one of the factors that comes into play when it comes to branding and your company’s efforts to capture as well as retain the attention of your target market?

For starters, you should know that a logo is an important representation of the brand and can come in a graphic form, a wordmark form, or a combination of both. This should be well thought out since this will help establish brand familiarity, and helps people easily recognize your brand without the need to check for the brand name on the product. This is why your logo design is important. If your design is not properly made to resonate properly with your brand, and does not have all the key factors that make this easy to associate with what your products are, your logo may not be as effective as it should be.

How do you create a logo design that helps with your branding efforts? For one, your logo should be distinctive and should be easily associated with your company and your brand at first glance. This should be thought of as your brand’s signature, where a person can recognize what the logo is associated with immediately. Take for instance the Nike swoosh, the UPS logo, and the IBM insignia. The first one, even without the word Nike will easily be recognized and associated with sports products. The second one has a package as part of the logo, which clearly indicates that they handle packages for you, among other things. The third one, while really simple, is easily recognizable and people know that this logo represents a brand that develops and sells computers.

Creating a distinct and recognizable design when it comes to a logo that is associated with your company and your products at first glance requires a number of things. This involves a process that starts with finding out what the company wants when it comes to customer perceptions as well as design preferences for such a logo. The next procedures involve research into the target market and what captures their attention, as well as conceptualizing and consulting with the company for more suggestions and input.

The final stages of designing a logo for branding include refining the designs that are chosen, the presenting of the final options for the company’s logo, and the tweaking of the choice that is made by the company. After this, the logo that is chosen is then delivered and integrated into the many products, advertising campaigns, and branding efforts that the company will initiate.