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ChatSpot AI Tool improving
Kristopher CrockettMay 20233 min read

HubSpot's ChatSpot: The Continuing Evolution of a Remarkable Tool

HubSpot's ChatSpot, already a revolutionary tool in the landscape of business automation, continues to evolve, grow, and improve in response to user feedback and technological advancements. With its latest series of enhancements, the tool is becoming even more adept at meeting the needs of businesses in a variety of industries. Here's an overview of the recent updates that are making ChatSpot better and better.

Enhanced User Interface and Email Campaign Analysis

ChatSpot has been equipped with an improved user interface (UI) for text wrapping, making the task of reading and editing lengthy prompts, such as tweets and blog posts, easier and more efficient. The responsiveness of the text editor significantly enhances the user experience, enabling you to edit text with greater convenience and accuracy.

A key part of marketing campaigns is the ability to analyze their performance effectively. To this end, ChatSpot now provides enhanced email campaign performance analysis. You now have access to unique opens, open rate as a percentage, and click-through rate as a percentage, offering more valuable data to help you make informed decisions.

New Parameter Guidance and Keyword Analysis

For smoother and error-free operation, ChatSpot has introduced a parameters modal for specifying inputs in suggested prompts. This new parameter guidance makes it even easier for you to obtain the necessary data, reducing potential errors and making the process more streamlined.

In addition, ChatSpot now provides both organic and paid keyword data in a single table if not specifically stated, making it easier to access the information you need. This error reduction for keyword analysis simplifies data representation and enables you to better understand your keyword performance.

Turbocharged Prompts, Favorites Feature, and Funding Data

ChatSpot Alpha's new UX design provides a seamless way to access prompts, boosting your speed and accuracy while using the tool. With the prompt library and suggestions consolidated into a single, filterable library organized by topic, finding the perfect prompt has never been easier.

Designed with power users in mind, the new "Favorites" feature allows you to quickly access your most-used prompts. This enhancement streamlines your daily workflow, saving you valuable time.

A notable addition is the integration of company funding data. This feature offers invaluable insights for your research, enabling you to access public funding data for any company you're interested in. This powerful feature is perfect for prospecting, marketing research, or deepening your understanding of existing customers.

Faster and More Effective Functionality

ChatSpot's performance and functionality have received a significant boost. The shift from GPT 4.0 to GPT 3.5 for some responses has led to a significant speedup in response times across the board. The tool's systems are being continuously improved and scaled for better quality responses and a broader range of functionality.

In addition, the formatting of the company funding prompt has been enhanced for readability, and a new feature allows you to add companies to the HubSpot CRM directly from ChatSpot. This improvement enables you to seamlessly transition from researching companies to having a highly qualified prospect stored in your CRM in just a few prompts.

Advanced Research Capabilities

ChatSpot now enables you to explore companies based on industry and location, and it can even provide a list complete with names, revenue, and quick actions to explore further. The introduction of Related Keywords allows you to find terms people are searching for related to a specific keyword, providing greater insights into user behavior and search trends.

Lastly, the Keyword Phrases feature uses natural language processing to determine how people are asking questions

about a specific topic in search engines. This invaluable tool aids in crafting a more effective content strategy and much more.


The constant evolution and improvement of ChatSpot are testaments to HubSpot's commitment to providing an innovative, user-friendly tool that caters to a broad range of business needs. With faster responses, fewer errors, and new features, ChatSpot is undoubtedly becoming an even more powerful asset for businesses. We look forward to seeing what's next in this exciting journey of innovation and improvement.


Kristopher Crockett

Kristopher M. Crockett, President & CEO of Selworthy, brings over a decade of innovative, solution-centric marketing expertise to the table. His profound understanding of marketplace trends and dynamic leadership propels Selworthy's mission to deliver bespoke digital solutions, enhancing client ROI and bridging the digital divide.