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Kristopher CrockettNovember 20152 min read

How to Make Email Marketing Work for You

People say that email marketing is no longer effective as a tool to get people to come to your site, and that more-often-than-not, emails that are written for the purpose of getting traffic to one’s site is now automatically moved to the recipient’s spam folder or deleted upon being seen in their inbox. This can be avoided with a few careful tweaks to your email marketing strategy.

In order for your email marketing efforts to work, you need to stop people from deleting your emails without opening these. How do you do this? It is not an easy task, but it is doable, and you can get people to read what you email them without their clicking the delete button after ticking the box beside your email topic in their inbox. Here are some tips that you might want to consider:

Make your email subject enticing and hard to resist – curiosity is on your side here, and having an email subject that encourages the recipient to click open the email is half the battle won. Put some thought into what your email subject should be, and make sure that it is clever yet straightforward. DO NOT give your recipient false hopes or create a click-worthy email subject that has nothing to do with your content.

Create email headers that capture and retain the reader’s attention – your next challenge would be to get the recipient of your email (who clicked the email open after seeing your inviting email subject) to read everything you have to say. Having a header, and even sub-headers for that matter, that make them believe it is worth their time that they read everything in the email is your next goal. Make sure that your email headline is just as enticing as your email subject, and that it also encourages your reader to find out what exactly you are offering, talking about, and generally telling them.

Write compelling yet brief and targeted copy – the body of your email is what makes or breaks this marketing strategy. Hooking your recipient is just half the challenge, but in order for the email to do its job, you need to encourage and convince your reader that what you are saying is important to them and they should take advantage of whatever you are offering them as soon as possible.

Call to action is a must - apart from concise, compelling, and well-written copy, you also need to have a call to action in your email. Create a few chances for your reader to click through to your site within the body of your email. If your email does not have these clickable links to your site, your target market may simply read your email and forget about it since they cannot find out more quickly due to the absence of these calls to action.

Know what the common email marketing blunders are – find out what makes email marketing efforts fail, and avoid these at all costs! Some examples of such errors include opt-ins included in the email, promising impossible terms, flashing and bright colors in the message, and even the absence of an unsubscribe option.


Kristopher Crockett

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