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Kristopher CrockettDecember 20153 min read

3 Social Media Marketing Errors Businesses Make

Social media marketing is a must for all websites, so it is not surprising to see numerous companies going on Facebook, Twitter and on other similar sites in order to reach the millions of people on these. While it is indeed a good move on your part to get on social media to help further the interests of your business, not everyone who does go on social media for this purpose actually know what to do. In fact, quite a number of companies make rather costly mistakes when they take on social media marketing.

What are the mistakes that people usually make when they do SMM for their websites? Here are some of the more common ones:

Making too many social media accounts – sure, getting to as many people as possible is a good idea. Who does not want to reach a bigger audience, right? Sometimes, like they say, less is more. You don’t need to get on 18 or 20 social media sites for your SMM to be effective. You only need to get on the ones that your target markets are usually on. For instance, if you are looking to capture the attention of women, it is a good idea for you to include both Pinterest and Instagram on your list. If your aim is to attract professionals in the same industry, LinkedIn is a good match. Of course, Facebook and Twitter are a must, no matter who your target market is since almost everyone is on these two.

Not partnering a social media marketing effort with a website – some businesses think that if their clients can see them on Facebook or on Twitter, that is enough, and that having a website is no longer necessary. This may work for some small entities and for companies that do not expect to last that long, but for those who want to make a mark in their industry, having a website alongside your SMM is a must. Social media is supposed to help lead people to your website where they can see more of what you have to offer. If you don’t have a site, and you rely solely on your FB page or your Twitter feed to inform clients of company news and products, you are doing your business a huge disservice.

Overusing social media – there is such a thing as being pushy online, and posting multiple times daily, every day of the week, on your social media accounts can be counted as being pushy online. Think of it in this context. How would you like your phone to constantly sound off with a new text every time a friend is doing something, no matter how insignificant? The same goes for your social media posts. Post only on scheduled times and only when you have something important to say. Posting about every new item that you sell, or every single thing that your company does, (like getting new delivery trucks or changing the carpeting in your office) will turn people off, since they will be getting notifications of this when they are following you. They might just stop following your feed and miss out on the more important information blasts you send out simply because they got tired of hearing about every small thing that your company does.

If you want your social media marketing efforts to work, you should try to learn more about how to properly utilize these and not just get on social media without any ideas as to what should be done. Not knowing what to do may hurt your efforts and bring about the opposite of what you are aiming for.


Kristopher Crockett

Kristopher M. Crockett, President & CEO of Selworthy, brings over a decade of innovative, solution-centric marketing expertise to the table. His profound understanding of marketplace trends and dynamic leadership propels Selworthy's mission to deliver bespoke digital solutions, enhancing client ROI and bridging the digital divide.