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Kristopher Crockett 2 min read

5 Tips for Writing PPC Ad Copy That Works

The main thing about PPC is the ad copy, and it is what you should focus on when you are investing in pay-per-click advertising. As short as these things may be, writing effective and click-worthy ads is not that easy. In fact, it is considered one of the tougher tasks you have to face when you are getting into paid advertising on search engines.

How do you put together ad copy that works well for your website? What should you concentrate on when you are writing these? Is there a secret to crafting these effective ads?

Tricks to Putting Together Effective PPC Ads

In putting together your ads, you need to think about what you want these to do. Of course, the first logical effect you want these to have is clickability. You need to have ads that people want to click on to find out more. This means that you need to make your ads interesting and intriguing. Here are a few more tricks to creating compelling and click-worthy ads:

  • It all begins with your headline. Having a headline that captures the attention of your buying public is very important. Make sure that your headline features your target keyword, what people need with it, and an enticing offer. Make sure that you can fit all of this in just 25 characters, including spaces.
  • Your ads should give people what it promises, so this means that you should not promise the moon in your ads if you are not ready to cough it up for whoever clicks through. Do not make false claims just to get people to come to your site via your ads. Not only will you irritate visitors with empty promises, but you are also wasting money on a click that not only fails to convert, but also creates a distrustful site visitor.
  • What should you do to create ads that can compete with your rivals? Well, doing competitor research is your first step. Check out what your biggest competitors are doing, and see which ads seem compelling to you. Do this by using the keywords you have chosen for yourself and check out the ads that show when you do this. Compare your drafts with what you find and tweak your copy to be the best among the rest.
  • You should try to envision what your target market wants to achieve. This is called the end goal. What does your site visitor want and how can you give them what they want? In order to capture your target market’s attention, you should think like they would. For instance, if you are selling weight loss products, what end result would you aim for? Don’t ask your market if they want to lose weight. You know that is what they want. Instead, tell them you can help them lose weight or state that you have the weight loss solution they are looking for.
  • Focus on writing for your customer and not yourself. This is one mistake many ad copy writers create. They use “we”, “us”, “I” and “our” too often, instead of using “you” when they write their ad copy. Focusing on what your target market wants will help you focus on the customer, which will allow you to address them directly and tell them that you have what they need.