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Kristopher CrockettAugust 20153 min read

The Seemingly Endless Number of Ways You Can Use WordPress

WordPress has primarily been viewed as a tool for creating personal blogs, and yes, a huge percentage of people do use WP to create outlets for their thoughts and interests with. This does not mean however that while most people use it for blogging, that this is all WordPress can do. In reality, it can actually be used for more. This is partly due to the fact that you can integrate numerous themes into it, and you can utilize quite a lot of plugins for it as well.

The many choices you have when it comes to what you can put up on WordPress is dependent on what plugins and themes you choose to use. You have the option to use premium selections, which can cost you a bit of money but offers you great support, or you can go with the free stuff. Whatever you choose to use, you will soon find that possibilities are practically endless when it comes to how you use your WP and what you use it for. To give you a glimpse of these possibilities, here are five examples:

Business Blog – we all know that a lot of personal blogs get made on WordPress, but did you know that businesses also use this portal to give people insights and information on their company? It is a great platform to use since different people in the company can easily create and publish pages for the business on it, making it a great tool for collaboration.

Web Magazine – this is another popular use of WordPress, and can be created by anyone to cover any topic. Got a writing club that wants to put out weekly stories from its members? Want to put out a tech magazine that you can link to and from your site? WP is the portal you need. You can give multiple users their personal access to the site so they can publish what they write in their own names.

E-Commerce Site – so you want to start selling your company’s products online and want an easy-to-use tool for it. WordPress, when used with plugins and themes made for e-commerce usage, is one such tool that can facilitate this. You can start selling your company’s products, services, and ideas online with WP and all you need to do is figure your way around the rather easy to understand interface.

Travel Blog – since WordPress is a blogging tool that you can access anywhere as long as you have an internet connection, you can use it anywhere as well. If you are a traveler and you want to document where you go, what you do, where and what you eat, and everything else you do on your trips, WP is the right platform for it. You can easily integrate pictures, maps, and many more when you write your entries as you travel.

Business Website – yes, you can use WP to create your company’s web portal, and this easy-to-use platform will help make collaborating easy as well. You won’t have to be the only one putting in information on your site, and the people who do use WordPress to update your business site won’t need to have a background in coding or programming in order to improve on and update your website regularly. Since WP is user-friendly, you can have your website up and running quickly, and fresh new content added easily without too much hassle.

These are just a few of the things you can do with a WordPress account. You can even create a news portal, a fan website, a gossip column, an article repository, a press release outlet, a job listing business, and a membership site with this tool. As we mentioned earlier, the possibilities are virtually endless. All you need is a WordPress account, your imagination, and some of the readily available tools for your site, and you are good to go.



Kristopher Crockett

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