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Kristopher CrockettSeptember 20215 min read

The Top 5 HubSpot Sales Automation Examples of 2021

As salespeople or marketers, you spend your days hopping between a wide variety of tasks. On a typical afternoon, you might spend your time writing campaigns, sending emails, following up with leads, and compiling lists for other tasks.

When handling so many responsibilities, do you ever feel like you are in a black hole of never-ending tasks? Feeling overwhelmed is a familiar feeling for marketing teams and sales reps.

Luckily, HubSpot sales automations can help you manage your workflows better.

Automations make mundane tasks such as enrolling prospects into receiving sales emails automatic so that you can spend your time closing sales instead of following up with every lead individually.

You can also automate reminders for yourself when a more personal touch is required.

Imagine how much more time you can devote to improving your closing skills when most of your routine tasks and reminders are automated.

We’ve spent countless hours automating our workflows so that everyone on our team is less stressed and focused on our clients. While trying to make our days flow better, we’ve come up with five HubSpot sales automations that you’d be hard-pressed to live without.

#1 Avoid Dead Ends With a Closed Lost Deals Automation

Closed lost deals do not have to be a dead-end. It’s possible that a prospect is not in the right place to purchase right now, but they might change their mind at a future date. You can create a closed lost deals automation in HubSpot that allows you to follow up on these leads on a future date automatically.

Recycle Leads

Within the HubSpot CRM, you can choose a custom property such as “Closed Lost Reason” and make it required for all closed lost deals. Build a workflow to copy the “Closed Lost Reason” to the lead’s company property. Completing the above steps ensures that you can identify trends over time as to why leads are closed lost.

The next step you need to complete is to create a custom lead status, “Recycle Lead,” for example. Use the new lead status for all leads that you would like to follow up on later. You’ll need to build a new workflow that sends leads with the “Recycle Lead” status back into the leadflow after a specific timeframe for the automation to work. The sales reps then follow up on these leads without you needing to check up on them.

#2 Save Valuable Time With Lead Sourcing Integration

Integrations such as ZoomInfo allow you to keep up-to-date contact information for prospects and sync your contact lists. You can then use the updated contact information in your automation to auto-enroll contacts into sequences.

You can also use the information within ZoomInfo for automatic outreach.

Using a lead sourcing integration cuts out a lot of the time that you’d otherwise spend researching contact information for possible leads.

#3 Sell More With Automatic Reactivation and Re-Engagement

You can create a workflow to reactivate contacts in HubSpot, which is a handy automation to have.

With it, you can re-engage contacts and leads that have gone inactive. The automation enrolls previous contacts into emails or your sales funnel sequence once they meet the criteria you set for them.

Convert Your Reactivated Leads

In HubSpot, create a workflow that identifies leads that have stopped responding to the sales funnel. The now stale leads get added to a list where they become inactive.

If they later open a sales email or visit the website after a period of unresponsiveness, they get removed from the inactive list. You can set HubSpot to immediately notify you that a previous lead is now active so that your sales team can reach out quickly to close the sale.

#4 Create an Even Workflow Via Round Robin

A round-robin workflow enables you to automate the assessment of leads to sales reps. When leads come in, you won’t have to do anything.

After an enrollment trigger, each lead will go to a designated list of available sales representatives. The end result is each member of your sales team receives an even distribution of the incoming leads.

When you set up this automation in HubSpot, you will assign the owner via rotate. The workflow will then rotate through your sales team.

Another advantage of this automation is the ability to assign tasks too. With round-robin automation, no one representative becomes overwhelmed with leads to follow or tasks to do.

#5 Avoid Missed Opportunities With a Booking Confirmation Integration

Typically when you confirm a booked meeting, it’s via email. Some prospects are on top of their emails and never miss meetings, but others misplace the confirmation or just forget. There is a better way to confirm meetings.

You can add an integration to HubSpot that allows other ways of contacting clients and prospects.

Integrations such as Just Call or other similar calling applications have a text messaging option that you can use to send automated messages to clients and prospects.

All you have to do is add the confirmation texts to the workflow so that as soon as someone books a meeting with you on your website, a text goes out confirming the meeting. You can customize the texts so that they get one before the meeting. This integration saves you time and gets you one step closer to closing the deal.

Don’t Miss Out on Sales Opportunities

HubSpot offers many automation sequences that you can employ to help keep your sales pipeline running while you’re meeting with clients and prospects, but how do you know which ones will work best for you?

At Selworthy, we are a proud HubSpot partner and we use sales automations every day in our own agency — so we know how powerful they can be.

We can help you build and customize automations and integrations that will streamline your sales efforts and keep your sales pipeline flowing smoothly.

Contact us today to find out how we can help you grow your sales with HubSpot.


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