Get an Ecommerce Website that Generates Sales

We have extensive experience building ecommerce websites on a range of platforms so will give you all the tools needed to get traffic and convert that traffic into sales.

Automating Processes to Improve Your Ecommerce Website

  • Title tags are essential to maximise the visibility of your product pages in Google search results. SEO best practice says title tags should be unique for every page, but that is a challenge if you sell a lot of products. We make this process easier with our meta data feature that lets you create rules. These rules then optimize the title tags of each page automatically.

  • Another challenge that many ecommerce website owners face is making sure essential third-party code is added to every newly created page. The most common example of this type of code is the Google Analytics tracking code. Doing this manually would add considerable time to the process of adding a new product to your website. With our ecommerce solutions,however, it is possible to add third-party code to new pages automatically.

  • Like any retail business, up-to-date data on sales, stock levels, and customers is essential to the success of an ecommerce store. With a Selworthy ecommerce website solution, all this information and more appears on your dashboard so it is easy to access and quick to read. You can then take more informed decisions on promotions to run, stock to order, products to introduce, products to discontinue, and more.