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How to Find the Best PPC Account Manager for Your Business

So you finally decided to go ahead and use pay-per-click advertising for your company. Now, your next dilemma would be to find the right person to handle such a task. While some..

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5 Tips for Writing PPC Ad Copy That Works

The main thing about PPC is the ad copy, and it is what you should focus on when you are investing in pay-per-click advertising. As short as these things may be, writing effective..

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How to Make Your Pay-Per-Click Marketing Efforts Pay Off

Pay-per-click is not something you deal with lightly, primarily because it costs you money with every click. If your PPC efforts do not convert, you are basically spending on..

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Mistakes You Should Avoid When You Do Pay-Per-Click Marketing

Whether you like to admit it or not, pay-per-click marketing is still a very strong marketing tool for many websites. The revenues that these websites make from such ads are proof..

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The Benefits of Having a Faster Site

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